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"A cozy English seaside town built on secrets and smugglers, Blackpool is a haven for tourists and home to generations of locals who like their privacy. American Molly Graham and her British husband, Michael, are considered outsiders, but feel irresistibly drawn to this town...and its darker curiosities. Because Blackpool harbors dangerous mysteries. And murder is just the beginning..."



A preservation grant brings a massive restoration project to the marina, throwing the town into political turmoil. As Molly wades into the fray, a young woman is kidnapped, a thug turns up dead and a shipwreck is discovered in the harbor! The Grahams are plunged into a legacy of smuggles, betrayal and murder...and even deeper into the heart of Blackpool's most shocking and long-buried truths.

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Cast of Characters:

Molly and Michael Graham–The young couple have come to Blackpool for a simpler way of life... only things in the small town are anything but simple.

D.C.I. Paddington–The stolid inspector has a laid-back approach to investigation- so laid-back that it's fuelled rumors he's only in Blackpool to bide his time until retirement.

The Crowes–The members of the Crowe family are reputed to have more secrets than they have money. And they keep both very well.

Dennis Carteret and Percy Lethbridge–The two men are members of the planning board for Blackpool's harbor renovation-but they hadn't planned on a conspiracy.

Rosamund Carteret–Dennis's only child, and his world. The teenager lost her mother when she was very young, and Dennis would do anything to shield her from further suffering.

Francis Weymouth–He says his only ambition is to protect the environment, though he seems awfully cozy with the media. And very antagonistic toward Molly.

Rohan Wallace–The Jamaican émigré came to Blackpool to work, but lately he and Michael have become obsessed with the legend of Charles Crowe's stolen gypsy gold. Is his interest purely recreational?


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