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"Crowe nodded arrogantly. "I thought as much." He adjusted the tea rose in his lapel, then started to walk out of the room. "Take care, Michael. These lost causes you and your wife have a habit of chasing after might one day turn around and bite you."



Behind the colorful charm and vibrant history of the English seaside town of Blackpool is a legacy of secrets. Secrets people have killed to keep hidden. But for Michael and Molly Graham, finding the truth has become personal. Their friend clings to life in a hospital—shot to keep him quiet—and the couple is driven to uncover what he would risk his life for...and what someone would murder for...

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Cast of Characters:

Molly and Michael Graham–The young couple have come to Blackpool for a simpler way of life...only things in the small town are anything but simple.

D.C.I. Paddington–The stolid inspector has a laid-back approach to investigation- so laid-back that it's fuelled rumors he's only in Blackpool to bide his time until retirement.

The Crowes–The members of the Crowe family are reputed to have more secrets than they have money. And they keep both very well. Especially those of their most notorious ancestor, Charles Crowe.

Rohan Wallace–The Jamaican émigré came to Blackpool to work, but lately he and Michael have become obsessed with the legend of Charles Crowe's stolen gypsy gold. Is his interest purely recreational?

Stefan Draghici Weymouth–The head of the gypsy clan that has come to Blackpool to reclaim the fortune in gold they say was stolen from their ancestors by Charles Crowe. Their search for the gold has come up empty, however, and the Draghicis are becoming desperate...

Lockwood Nightingale–Aleister's devoted attorney. How far will he go to protect his client's interests-and his own?


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