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The terror of Ravenhearst Manor rises again

You lived through their side of the story–now live through his!

Dozens of bodies have recently disappeared from the small town of Blackpool. Rumors link the missing bodies to the town's once–majestic Ravenhearst Manor, but the local authorities are baffled. With no concrete leads, the townspeople are fearing the worst.

Return to the scene of a tragic destiny and learn more about this poignant saga. What you find could very well be the final chapter of this riveting story–if you escape!

Please note: This is the biggest and most intense offering from the Big Fish Games Studios to date. If you are not sure if your computer will be able to handle the game, please try it before you buy it!

System Requirements:

OS: XP/Vista/Win7
CPU: 1.7GHz
RAM: 1GB (128MB Video)
DX: 9.0c
HD: 1.75GB
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